The health and safety of the Great Anderson County Fair guests and staff is the top priority, and efforts are being made to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Fair’s management team continues to monitor and follow the latest novel coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines from the CDC, DHEC, and the State of South Carolina.


Do I need a ticket in order to see the free shows?
Yes – all free shows are included with purchased admission.
Is there a promotion for Fridays?
Please refer to our DAILY PROMO page first. Normally we do not have any promotional or deals for Fridays.
When do we open? When do we close? Our Hours.
Monday- Thursday 4-10PM, Friday 4-11PM, Saturday 11AM-11PM, Sunday 12:30PM-10PM *All hours subject to change due to weather.
How much is Parking?
Parking is free! Refer to the Map on the brochure when looking for parking locations.
How much is the entrance fee/ admission?
$10 per person. Ages 10 and under is FREE.
Lost and Found Information
For Lost and Found call: 8643096618
As a Parent, do I have to pay for a ride, even if my kid(s) can’t ride alone?
Yes, everyone has to pay to ride the rides
What promos do you have?
Please refer to our DAILY PROMO page for any specials.
My child didn’t get a School Special Coupon, can I get one?
Yes! Our Brochure has the School Special Coupon in it. *For Students 18 years and under only.
Can I Re-Enter if I leave?
There is NO RE-ENTRY.
How much are ride tickets?
Ride tickets are $1.25 each. All rides require more than one ticket. $20.00 for 21 tickets. $50.00 for 55 tickets. $100.0 for 120 tickets
Does each ride require one ticket?
All rides require more than one ticket.
What are Non-Perishable Food Items?
Food that doesn’t have a short expiration date. Food that can sit on counters or shelves for a long time. (Example: Canned Food)
Is Opening Day Free?
Opening Day is Free to Enter if you bring Non- Perishable Food Items (Example: Canned Food). Rides are not free, just getting inside the gates.
Are we still open if it is raining?
All hours are subject to change. Check our social media. Once major rainstorms stop, we tend to open everything back up.
What shows are free?
All shows listed in our BROCHURE as well as FREE SHOWS page are free for the public to see.
What time are the FREE SHOWS?
Our show times are listed on our brochure. Some shows may be tentative due to weather.
What does $2 Tuesday Promo mean?
This means ride tickets are $2 each and each ride will only need 1 ticket. Food will vary depending on the truck, There will be different items to choose from. Each outlet will have a $2 special. $2 Admission per person (under 10 is free), $2 select food items (located at each food truck, ask for their special), $2 rides and $2 games.